Surgery is traumatic.

Feelings of uncertainty and fear can seem overwhelming. With Ready Set Recover, you can take control and help yourself along a healing path as you navigate this mentally and physically stressful process.

Ready Set Recover is an online program I’ve created with my partner Heather Campbell. Our online action plan helps you enter your procedure more prepared and come out prepped to recover. Through a structure of daily educational, inspirational and action-oriented emails, the program teaches you how to:

  • Handle stress
  • Create healthy daily routines
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Develop a positive outlook
  • Ask for and receive help
  • And get back to better

Whether buying the Wellness Program for yourself or someone you care about, you will be giving a gift. Not matter when surgery is scheduled, Ready Set Recover can help.



I felt calm and relaxed.

“The Ready Set Recover program helped me prepare for surgery with practices that made me feel calm and relaxed, especially when I was at the hospital. Patients who go into surgery with a positive mindset help help the surgeon and their team do the best job possible."

— Elitza

Thank you for the life changing experience.

"The calm I felt yesterday waiting to have surgery was not at all like when I had another surgery years ago. The series of thoughts and exercises truly prepared me to face something I knew would be painful."

— Dee

Like having a partner alongside me during surgery and the days afterwards. 

“It helped me assess my overall expectations and how I was framing the whole situation."

— Evelyn