How To Lighten Up this Spring Part Three



Your health is more likely to go out of balance during seasonal changes and weather shifts. Take a week or two to simplify your eating and wellness routines in order to clear what’s accumulated over the winter. Just like Spring cleaning your apartment or house, regular maintenance of the physical body in which you live helps keep a clear flow of energy, releasing excess weight and waste, which can contribute to joint pain, digestive distress, allergies, depression, and skin issues.

Since offering the first Reset and Renew online wellness program in 2012, hundreds of participants have reduced their in joint pain, renewed their energy, lightened up and experienced a natural state of joy, Reset and Renew participants cultivate self-care practices and daily routines which improve their health and well being on an ongoing basis. They have a new found awareness of the effect of foods on physical and emotional health.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of cleanses and programs available. I’ve participated in many of them myself. Some are free, so why pay to do a program at all? I have tons of personal experiences to share from the past fifteen years of cleansing, but the biggest benefit of participating in a group program is the support of a community. On our forums and live webinars, you’ll connect with others going through the same process. By sharing personal victories as well as slips, being accountable, asking questions, offering guidance and being vulnerable, you’re part of something bigger; a group of like-minded individuals.

Remember why you’re participating in a program in the first place. Would you like a transformation to feel lighter, less bloated, and release excess weight from the winter without feeling depried? Do you want to have all kinds of energy and get up easily in the morning?  Do you want to feel more calm, stable, and grounded? Would you love to have a quality of life you never thought possible? When you get clear about intentions and share them with a community, it makes all the difference in the world. Investing in your health and well-being also creates accountability and commitment.

One of the challenges in participating in a program to improve your health is that friends, family and co-workers aren’t doing the same. They’re going about their normal routines, and eating and drinking as they always do, and it’s common to feel self-conscious. Without being accountable to a group, it’s easier to stray from guidelines or even drop out completely. It’s simpler just to follow the masses when you don’t have support. Plus, when you’ve made a financial investment, you’re more likely to take a program seriously; to really dive in. 

For over fifteen years, I’ve been cleansing. The first few years, I was totally on my own, and didn’t know anyone who’d ever done one! I was confused about specifics, didn’t feel great, and when a special occasion arose, I’d go off the program, forgoing the consequences. If I tried to get back on track, it was never with the same precision or interest. I believe I could have experienced even greater benefits those first few years if I’d had group support.

In contrast, when cleansing within a community, when I’ve shared my slip ups, I received encouragement to return to the program, forgive myself, and continue to do my best. I’ve learned strategies on how to successfully handle special events, and insights about myself through others and their own experiences.

When you’re part of a community you’re interacting you’ll receive encouraging responses and helpful suggestions from not just me, but from the group. You learn you’re not alone, and will get wonderful ideas of what to eat and how to take care of yourself.

I warmly invite you to join the Spring Reset and Renew online community! We begin with a week of preparation on April 4. Please email with additional questions.

An Easier Transition to Daylight Saving

Sleep is vital to our health and well being. Losing a full hour when Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday March 12th can be disruptive as even ONE NIGHT of poor sleep can effect our mental and physical health.
Spring Forward is great news as it extends daylight into the evening hours. However, at least for the next few weeks, it will still be darker in the morning. This time change, like flying to a different time zone, can wreak havoc on our body's internal clock, leading to mental and physical fatigue. Curious about the history of daylight saving time? Click here for some fun facts.
Here's a simple way to help manage the artificial change of time when "losing" an hour. We can avoid the fatigue and depletion from losing the hour with some simple shifts. These practices also apply when traveling through different time zones.

This method will help to avoid fatigue early next week:

A. Head to bed ten to fifteen minutes earlier than usual, starting tonight.
B. Each night this week, go to sleep an additional ten minutes earlier. Arise in the morning ten to fifteen minutes earlier than usual, pushing the time back ten minutes more each day. If you continue to go to sleep at the same time and just wake up earlier, this technique won't be as effective. Following these steps, by Sunday, you'll have reset your internal clock by about an hour (6 nights of 10 minutes = 1 hour total), and the transition to Daylight Saving Time will be easier. You'll be less likely to depend on caffeine and sugar to feel awake and alert next Monday morning.