Tips To Lighten Up this Spring - Part Three

Since offering the first Reset and Renew online wellness program in September 2012, dozens of students have participated, and many make it a regular practice twice a year. Feedback during and after the programs tout participants' improved sleep, renewed energy, and awareness of the effect of foods on physical and emotional health. Reset and Renew participants cultivate self-care practices and daily routines which improve their health and well being. 

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of cleanses and programs available. I've participated in many of them myself. Some are even free, so why pay to do a program at all? I have tons of personal experiences to share from the past fourteen years of cleansing, but the biggest benefit of participating in a group program is the support of a community. On group forums and tele-classes, you'll connect with others going through the same process. By sharing personal victories as well as slips, being accountable, asking questions, offering guidance and being vulnerable, you're part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Remember why you’re participating in a program in the first place. Do you want to sleep better? Do you want to experience more energy and less lethargy in the mornings? How is your overall digestion? When you get clear about intentions and share them with a community of supportive people interested in the same for themselves, it makes all the difference in the world. Investing your hard-earned money to improve your health and well-being also helps with accountability and commitment.

One of the challenges in participating in a program to improve your health is that friends, family and co-workers aren’t doing the same thing! They’re going about their normal routines, and eating and drinking regularly. It’s common to feel self-conscious when you’re on a program. Without being accountable to a group, it’s easier to stray from guidelines or even drop out. It’s simpler just to follow the masses when you don’t have support from others who are currently in the same boat. Plus, when you’ve made a financial investment, you’re more likely to take a program seriously; to really dive in. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money, right?

For over fourteen years, I’ve been cleansing. The first few years, I was totally on my own, and didn’t know anyone who’d ever done a cleanse. I was confused about specifics, didn’t feel great, and when a special occasion took place, I’d often go off the program, forgoing the consequences. If I tried to get back on track, it was never with the same precision as before the event. I believe I could have experienced even greater benefits those first few years if I’d had group support.

In contrast, when cleansing within a community, when I’ve shared my slip ups, I received encouragement to return to the program, forgive myself, and continue to do my best. I’ve learned strategies on how to successfully handle special events, and learned a lot about myself through others and their own experiences.

When you’re part of a community you’re interacting with dozens of others and you'll receive encouraging responses and helpful suggestions from not just me, but those of have a variety of experiences. You’re learn you're not alone, and will get wonderful ideas of what to eat and how to take care of yourself throughout a group program.

I warmly invite you to join the Reset and Renew community this Spring! Read moreFAQ at about the upcoming program starting April 27, and email me at marjorienass@gmail if you have additional questions.